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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

How to Create an Opportunity out of Adversity

Adversity brings the best in human beings. We have seen that happening at many organizations. With less manpower, and reduced financial inputs, leaders are delivering, and accomplishing the set goals. It is quite clear that adversity has converted itself into an opportunity for excellence. Not knowing what we do not know has often been the bane of many a leader. and has resulted in precious man hours being wasted in the pursuits with no logical conclusions, depriving the knowledge area of the precious time for task accomplishment.

  1. 1
    Concentrate on the knowledge areas set an example for team members

  2. 2
    Motivate them for higher achievements.

  3. 3
    Make positive changes. Since this is the time when organizations are expecting more output with reduced man power. It is imperative that managers bring about small changes in their attitudes and work pattern.
  4. TIPS

  • Know that you must execute
  • Know what you cannot do
  • Know what you can do

  • Avoid panic in panicky situations.
  • Ones you cross the stage of saving jobs & graduate to the stage of significant contributor to the bottom lines. you have to evaluate your ROI returns on the efforts put in.
  • Has the organisation acknowledged your contribution and rewarded you by way of money, position, or higher responsibilities.
  • Finally after having performed well during adversity. you now have anew attribute of managing well during difficult times.
  • Many organisations are looking out for people with these talents. At least for self evaluation, have a look around to see if you are being properly rewarded.
  • Make your organisation aware of your real value through subtle and discreet methods.
  • Finally remember that professional careers are getting tough and short by the day. You have to carve out a life time earnings and savings out of it.
  • Best Wishes, 
  • Shyam

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