Thursday, April 21, 2011

Elite Institutions & Eluding Parent Patronage

Education and its quality is one factor that decides & impacts the quality of socio economic life a person leads. Naturally every parent   aspires for the best in education for his children,especially in India where there is virtual hand holding till at least the graduate level. Now if you think, this is the trend only amongst the educated parents, you are in for surprise.

In a survey conducted in the Hyderabad slums, it was found out that 65% parents sent their children to private schools. This fact was more or less corroborated by my own experience, while interviewing post graduate students (MSc) in the prestigious Andhra University campus at Vizag. I found that a large number (almost majority) including girls hailed from small villages and whose parents were laborers surviving on daily wages. The grit, the determination, and the mindset of these uneducated parents make the thinking of pseudo intellectuals like us look pedestrian.

Now who is a real intellectual? The uneducated intellectuals more than deserve the few lines that I have dedicated to them. more...

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