Sunday, April 3, 2011

Live Projects, Employment,Imparting,Curriculum, Whose responsible??.................. India Jai Ho

Any article on education draws considerable attention and even controversy.

Last year my article on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) drew so much attention, that it made it to the home page of WikiHow. Anything reaching any wiki home page is bound to become controversial. A substantiated statement that, US ranks 29th in the world in the math literacy, among the 15 year olds, brought huge protests from the Americans. The brickbats are still there for all to see in the discussions section of the article.

While I write this article, I have just received the highest honor the wiki community awards to its members. “The Barn Star” award for my contribution to the wikiHow community in the form 15 articles to “make the world better". more...


  1. An inspiring article. It is for people to learn fast and get going in this crucial area.

  2. Thanks for your comments Dr.Vachaspati ji.Total agreement with you.Thanks for reading my article.