Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Retrospective of Shyam's Writing 04-28

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Retrospective of Shyam's Writings.

Image credit : Shyam's Imagination Library

Here is a mini retrospective of my writings for my new followers and friends. These are  the
articles that have earned immense respect for me from my audience over the years. I have segmented the articles domain wise for reader convenience. Hope you like it.

Here the most viewed and adulated articles.

Some of my best articles on Mindfulness are

Technology advance and Humanism

One miss and South Korea gets demolished, South Korea has right to dignified existence, especially when it has done no wrong.

The Kalam I knew and worked with (About Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam and Lead India 2020 Foundation.)

Capacity Building and development

Social Entrepreneurship and Social Media 



 Social Media Posts

Human Resources, Career, Hiring, Manpower Management


Self Esteem and Motivation


Building Self Esteem from a state of despondency& frustration, and how it adds to your performance


Learning Teaching Comprehension Education


Strategy, Innovation, Management, B-Schools, MBA, CEO, Others


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