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Building Self Esteem from a state of despondency & frustration, and how it adds to your performance

Building Self Esteem from a state of despondency & frustration, And how it adds to your performance

“Without Healthy Self-Esteem, You Could Have ‘Everything’ But Your Life Could Still Be A Wreck”.

And in so many ways, a poor self image can literally prevent you from achieving and even setting goals that could make your life an accomplishment-filled wondrous adventure.

Your self-esteem is an ever flowing reflection of what you think about yourself on the inside and what you do on the outside.

Ideally, a healthy self-image should begin development when we’re children. But few of us get this critical training from anyone skilled at teaching it. So almost everyone you’ll ever meet has tremendous deficiencies when it comes to how they see themselves… and their actions reflect it.

Action orientation – Action is necessary for high self-esteem to take hold and blossom. If you don’t do anything, you can not feel very good about yourself. Agreed

You know you are still good at certain tasks. Yes as good as you were, when employed.Much better than those employed. Your temporary unemployment is for reasons not connected to your attributes or lack of it. Think about your positive contribution and the turnaround it brought in the organizations. Read, re-read, the testimonials and the appreciation letters, draw, re-draw your past career graph, reflect on your professional and monetary growth.

You will come to believe in your ability to be a catalyst for positive change. You will see the action habit as critical and will focus on always being aware of your state of action/inaction.

What are the indicators of elevated Self Esteem???

You will have an all conquering attitude .Just like a battering ram that eventually destroys a gate that blocks the way, these new beliefs will hammer away at your old, established ones. And just like that battering ram that, with persistence, will knock the gate down, & will help to replace your weak thoughts and beliefs with new affirming, powerful ones

Optimism – You’ll live as if each day is a gift, your mind will open to benefits of achievement, you will believe that things will work out.

Accomplishment orientation –Remember, You are a conscientious, hard worker, that you do your share, and take care to do things right, that you seek out and take advantage of available opportunities. The more things that you are good at and the more challenging goals you reach, the more opportunities you have to feel good about yourself.

Joy – You’ll repetitiously hear that you take extreme pleasure in your accomplishments, that you feel a deep sense of peace in doing your best in all situations that your successes motivate you to keep going that you are comfortable with being recognized for what you achieve in life..
Then what happens

Discipline – Your mind will be drenched with thoughts that you are determined to reach your strongest desires, patient when you need to be, self-motivated and strong-willed.

Leadership – You have leadership qualities and skills, you exercise whatever authority you have effectively, fairly and with respect for others and you are organized and worthy of being followed.

Hey, if you have authority/control over anyone else, it’s critical that you see yourself as a good and effective leader… because if you don’t, no one else will either.

Learning – Life doesn’t stand still. So you’ll be liberally peppered with thoughts that you love to learn… constantly. You are always trying to figure things out, testing your memory, developing your mind and skills so that you will always be highly valued no matter what stage of your life you are in.
Your moment by moment internal discussions with yourself to be what they have to be for you to start getting what you want, And when the right attitudes come instantaneously, automatically without even having to think about them, then you’ve succeeded.

Giving of self and of resources – Another great way to build self-esteem. So you’ll be flooded with thoughts that you are a person who gives of yourself in all situations, who shares your knowledge with people who want to know, who doesn’t have a selfish bone in your body, who knows that you get more by sharing the goodness in your heart than you ever would by hoarding your resources and being greedy.

Humor – What good is any kind of success in life if you can’t completely enjoy it. Laughter is a powerful tonic that has proven in labs to create positive chemicals into your system that have the power to heal. You’ll hear over and over that you are someone who enjoys life, who has the ability to bring joy and laughter to others, that you laugh easily and see the light side of even tense situations.

Demeanor – Your mind will adopt and embrace the image of a person who is peaceful, calm collected, confident and in control. You’ll be led to be at peace with your role in the world, to be accepting of the things you can’t change. And in embracing these habitual emotions, the stress and craziness that may swirl around you every day simply won’t affect you like it currently does.

Won’t that be nice?

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