Saturday, December 26, 2009

Peace of Mind

“In the final analysis, the hope of every person is simply peace of mind.”

Dalai Lama

Peace of mind is something everyone aspires for, and yet nobody seems to know when, where, and how to get it. Over a period of time, term “peace of mind” has undergone a transformation from a qualitative entity to a quantitative entity. People now a days speak in terms of “some peace of mind” to describe their aspiration or achievement. It can no longer be equated with the total tranquility of mind and the body. Peace of mind or lack of it can be the result of conquest over or conflict with self.

Now this seemingly complicated entity can be related to simple activities like retention and release, self protection or surrender. Or may be getting a bit out of touch with yourself? You are the problem and the solution. The destination is yourself, and the path lies within you.

Then how to go about it? What is retention and what is release? What is armour and what is surrender?
Frankly speaking, I am also an explorer, not a conqueror, still traversing, still finding my way out of the maze, knowing fully well that destination is not the culmination of the  journey, but the beginning of the next.  It is an oasis, alright, but chasing it is so fulfilling experience, that you never give up.

There is continuous stream of healing, love & good will flowing through us continuously. All we have to do is join it willingly & wholeheartedly, and make it a part of us.

How to go about it?

Release and heal what hurts mentally, physically, emotionally, & spiritually. Said easily than done, I know it. But then there is a way to it. We can always try.

It is important to build a relationship with your inner self. You have to discover yourself, and align with the spiritual source. Every one has inner guidance factor. We just need to get in touch with it.

Vulnerability is strength not a weakness as it gives us access to true strength. But it hardly happens. Right from our childhood, we build an Armour of self righteousness, which comes in the way of retention and acquisition of good values and release of the ones not so relevant for us.

Awareness of this is a big step forward towards freedom and ignorance of it is the cause of all our adulthood sufferings.

It is absolutely necessary to break free of the shackles of childhood learning, which portrays vulnerability as a weakness. It is just the opposite. It is surrender to love, which gives all the strength in the universe that comes from that – true strength. We need to be open to feel love. Vulnerability is openness. The greatest challenge in this life has always been to let down the walls of self-protection and release the energy that created them.

And may be when we implement this difficult but certainly impossible practice. We can feel peace of mind once again as an qualitative experience rather than quantative entity.

I would like to conclude with a marathi shlok. Samarth Ramdas prescription for eternal peace.

मना सज्जना भक्ती पंथेची जावे 

तरी श्री हरी पाविजे तो स्वभावे 
जनी निन्धीयते सर्व सोडूनी द्यावे 
जनी वन्द्यते सर्व भावे करावे 
(समर्थ रामदास )

(Oh Holy mind,you should proceed in the direction of devotion to god.Then you can attain divine blessings.The Act which attracts criticism from people, should not be pursued.the act which gets  praise from people and is liked by all should be pursued.)

Best wishes,


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