Monday, April 12, 2010


We have taken up this project basically to help the Indian students to distinguish between the standard Universities and others. It has been observed that while there are some excellent Universities and academies in both Government and private sector in United States and Europe, The vast majority of others fall short in quality and standards resulting in long periods of unemployment or under employment. Most of the students borrow heavily from the banks for theses studies. Any delay  in securing employment can result in their being put in an inconvenient position in terms of repayment.
Our objective is to guide the students from India and other countries in selecting the best universities which have industry acceptance. This project is aimed totally with student perspective. We will investigate the University thoroughly in terms of accreditations, and employment records. We will also physically inspect the infrastructure and quality of the teaching faculty.
The Universities which are ready to accept our terms and prepared to allow us allow us to inspect credentials are invited to contact us.

We are planning to start a section on oversees education, where we will publish the  information about the universities for the benefit of the Indian students. .

This like all  our other services is absolutely free for the both the the students and universities.We reserve the right to accept or reject or delete the selected university from the list.We will not accept any terms and conditions laid down by any institutions.We will not sign any exclusive contracts.

The universities will have absolutely no right or option to even suggest a change in our format.

The information submitted by the university will be throughly checked, edited, modified and only verifiable information will be published. The institutions will have to submit the links to the sites in regard to accreditation and affiliations.

The fee and other charges required to be paid by the students from India should be clearly segmented into various heads in a way that student is able to have an immediate idea about the financial commitment for the entire course.

ROI is the most important aspect for inclusion in the list. The information should be honest and verifiable.

Listing does not entail promotion or any effort towards that end from our side.Our commitment is wholly and totally towards the student and nothing towards the University.We will however be heavily promoting the list on all our websites. we will also promote the list when ever we interact with the institutions or students.

The Universities will have the option to withdraw themselves from the list any time. They just have to send a request we will remove their name from the list with no questions asked.

Right now we will not be able to include the institutions and academies offering job oriented courses or software courses.

We invite Universities from USA,Europe,& Asia to contact us.

We will not deal with the agencies and franchisees.
After preliminary evaluation, we will send them the detailed procedure of selection.

Please note the email ID entered should belong to the University domain. 

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