Saturday, May 29, 2010

Smaller social media sites are more recognitive & precognitive

I agree it is great to contribute on leading social media sites like Linkedin, Facebook,  & be recognised by fellow members, group moderators, group owners and some leading intellectuals. However it is very disheartening to find that the two above sites are too big and too inert to be participative. 

As a creative and innovative part of the human being, the inner self craves for recognition for its contributions to social media. Does it ever get it? Have you ever received a letter of recognition or appreciation from Linkedin, Facebook? Now all that can change, if you associate yourself with the upcoming social media sites like Twitter, WhatsApp, WikiHow, and some other upcoming social media sites..

The management here seamlessly merged with members and was very recognitive, precognitive and even collaborative. I will share my experience about these media in a series of articles. I would like to begin with my experience with BrightFuse the talent community which is now defunct.

BrightFuse the Talent community was started in 2008 by the Career Builder, the leading job site having distinguished presence in all the leading countries and continents. When we joined BrightFuse in 2008, it was a small community of five to six thousand members. Although small in numbers, the community had highly proactive members, innovative, creative, and even argumentative, supported by highly, indulgent, supportive participative & precognitive management. Recognition was the core preamble of the BrightFuse constitution. Based on member feed back, innovative methods of recognition & encouragement were devised by the management.

The system was that, the members rate each post as Insightful, Helpful, or Fun. Total ratings earned by a member are displayed in each group, and grand total is reflected in the individual profile. Based on these ratings BrightFuse management awarded badges to the members for their contribution and participation.

Another highlight of this community was subject specific highly interactive groups.. The groups had high quality content contributed by members, moderators and admin. During the period of severe recession in 2008-2009, these groups provided valuable information and support to jobseekers on jobs, resume and other career related topics.

Later on the the groups evolved and became diverse in content and structure. BrightFuse had a membership of 2.5 million, but the management was always as indulgent, supportive participative & precognitive as it was in the beginning. This was one social media site which gave you a sense of ownership that made you responsive and reciprocative.

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