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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pakistan Floods

IRD is an International Development agency doing excellent work in Africa Asia and other places.Please contribute to enable , &  empower them to help the maximum. people.

Thanks a lot.


An estimated 3 million people, including 1 million children, have been affected by the torrential rains in Pakistan and are in urgent need of food, water, medicine, and shelter. IRD is among a small number of international NGOs with operations in both D. I. Khan and Tank Districts, the most severely affected areas. With the help of people like you, IRD has already been able to move quickly to address the emergency needs of thousands of families in these districts.
Your cash contributions to IRD’s Pakistan Floods Relief Fund are critical to continuing and expanding these relief efforts.
We are concentrating our efforts on providing shelter, safe water, sanitation, and non-food items, such as blankets and clothing. Your support will also help us to re-stock flood-damaged health clinics, focusing on treatments for water borne illnesses, oral rehydration salts, and primary health care pharmaceuticals.   
The situation on the ground is extremely uncertain and is expected to get worse in the coming weeks. Access in many areas has been cut off by the rising waters; houses, schools, roads, and vital infrastructure have been washed away; and forecasters predict at least two more weeks of heavy rain.
We need your immediate support. Act now with a gift to help alleviate the suffering of thousands of people.
Please make a tax deductable donation today. If you have questions, or wish to find out how you can help raise funds for this important effort, please call Daniel Puls at 703-248-0194.
And consider forwarding this e-mail to family and friends. The more people involved in the effort, the bigger the difference we can make.
Dr. Arthur B. Keys Jr.
President and CEO

Monday, August 2, 2010

Indian Women Power dominates Global Business

Indian Women Power dominates Global Business

With continuous growth in Indian economy.Indian techies are playing a dominant  role in the global scenario.In spite of  continuous recession experienced in United States and Europe, Indian business has continued to grow. Many Indians are occupying positions of eminence in United States.Prestigious Academic institutions.  Harvard Business School & Chicago University's Management School are headed by Indians.CISCO's CTO is also an Indian.So also Slide Share, Hubspot and other prominent organisations.

Indian women do not want to be left behind.Many Indian women who graduated from IIMs and IITs in mid eighties have risen to the senior management positions such CEO and CTO positions.. Some of them have launched new start-ups and become successful entrepreneurs so much so that any global list of successful women executives definitely contains a few Indian women.

We present below three global lists in three different domains. Please view and share.

 Pictures of 30 utterly successful inspirational role models. The list contains two Indians. Arundhati Roy,and  Indra Nooyi   CLICK HERE

30 Top women in wireless in 2010. The list contains the names of  two Indians. Padmasree Warrior, Purnima Kochar CLICK HERE

"Top 25 Women in Tech to Watch"  This list contains the name one Indian Rashmi Sinha 

25 Influential Business Women in San Francisco/Silicon Valley You Should Follow on Twitter 2010 CLICK HERE

This note has deliberately been kept short. The profiles of all these women can easily be googled.