Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 the Walk Year for India

Happy New Year

2011 Brain will "Go For A Walk" for Politicians
सन २०११ में नेताओं के  दिमाग जायेंगे हवा खाने 

In other fields it would be a great walk towards glory for India

Happy New year 2011.Double one or eleven represents walk ( Two Legs ) More sportsmen will walk towards glory.more athletes will walk towards the victory stand.Science & Technology will walk into the next orbit of excellence & creativeness.

For politicians their brain will go for a walk (view the image)

They will continue to behave irresponsibly, and walk towards their extinction.

There will be more walkouts than walk ins in the parliament.While  their personal health will improve with this walkouts, country's political health health will continue to  cause worries. Movies will continue to be creative in spasms. but still they will refuse to run,they at the best will  walk

Jokes apart,

The year does promise things extremely enthusiastic for India in terms of economic growth,advancement in Science and Technology specially IT & Software. BPO and KPO are taking a huge surge forward. Campus recruitments are back. There is a huge promise of heavy recruitments everywhere in almost sectors.

Economy will continue be a talking point in the rest of the world. raised eyebrows that we saw last year will remain raised throughout this year.

Let us hope innocent lives that were lost in meaningless wars and and acts of terrorism throughout the world will be spared this year.

Let us hope that the countries and leaders will not only talk peace, but also walk the talk.

Best of everything to everyone,




  1. Will the lot of the common man improve? Will corruption be brought down? Will we introduce transparency for accountability? Will we create heaven on earth or hell on earth?

  2. As always educative and enlightening. Kudos.