Sunday, July 31, 2011

Academy or Aca-Dummy 07-30

You are an Educational Institute alright, but…
Are you an Academy or an Aca-Dummy?
I feel, we have more of the latter…..

 A few years back I had written an article, which was a comparative one between the two of the world’s most famous B-Schools in the world “Harvard Vs Wharton a comparative study”It is all about how an educational institution has to be, & the parameters and the metrics, against which the institutions have to be evaluated. Of course we could also do the same comparison between IIMs & ISB or IITs & the BITS. But the data available is not sufficient for carrying out a full analysis on all the relevant parameters. Some rankings that are being carried by the highly respected magazines are honest no doubt, but they lack the in-depth analysis. 

Even that is viewed by  very few parents. Usually the parents fall for the high claims made by the institutions in their ads. Hardly any institution is asked to substantiate its claims with documents.

We need a set of highly demanding parents to make the institutions more responsible in their thought and actions. Please read the complete article HERE...

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Let us take the campuses to the corporates..

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