Friday, February 8, 2013


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In conversation with self…

The inner self, in dialogue with the mortal self 

Good and noble thoughts normally and naturally come from pious people and they spread it too. A normal human being finds this interesting, likes & 
appreciates it.

However, when it comes to implementing it in real life, people often think that, those who preach these are at a higher pedestal of enlightenment hence can implement it. They feel that it is not possible for normal individual to lead such a life.

Hence we have the classic example of preachers preaching for generations together & still not being able to bring transformation in the lives of normal people.

We continue to have two classes of people, and a process of degeneration of values in both the classes is prominently visible.

Life is a churning process (Atma Manthan), which produces both Amrit (Nectar) & Halahalam (Poison).

Those who  consume only Amrit can talk about good deeds and how it gets you satisfaction & salvation. But to think that only these people can spread noble thoughts and influence people to better & enlightened life is not correct.
Those who have consumed Halahalam (evil side of life),overcome it successfully, and transformed themselves from evil to good, are in a better position to convince people to give up the evil & take to noble ways of life. They give the confidence that, it is possible for a very normal individual to lift his life a few notches up with some serious efforts.

The conviction to give up bad for good (forever), thread the noble path comes from the experience and inspiration from this people.

So do we need more people who have lead a sinful life & then transformed themselves to nobler ways????

Yes we do…

This is in no way promotion or encouragement for evil or sinners, but a suggestion that those give up evil deeds can help bring transformation in others, or even prevent others from taking a path of sin.

People who have been through this transformation carry more conviction in their words when they speak than the ones who haven’t seen the other side of life.

What is Happiness???

Happiness is not something that can be sought & got. Happiness or unhappiness are by-products of your deeds. There cannot be any specific tasks or deeds that you can do, to get happiness.

More often than not, it is the pursuit of happiness that is the cause of unhappiness.
Happiness is a feeling you get when the inner self speaks or exults. And there is no mechanism to make this happen.

Often a physical debit in terms of time, energy, or money for an individual results in a substantial credit for the soul. As with human beings, soul is also looking at the credit side & exults when it happens. AND THAT IS HAPPINESS.

When someone looks only at the credit side, he is termed selfish. In the same context,

Can soul also be termed selfish???

The credit that the inner-self gets is at the expense of huge debit to the mortal self.

Is it reasonable, & justifiable??

Is the inner self selling the product “Happiness” for a price???

Well one argument could be

 When the soul is working or making you to work for its own self-gratification it may not be correct, however since the end result is good deeds or good attitude, it can be excused for being selfish.

I know the purists will dismiss me & my argument, rationalist will debate & dissent affirmative nodding of heads in between. I welcome all shades of views and opinions, because I know, everything will result in great knowledge dissemination & that what I am looking to.


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  1. Interesting read. I would agree that happiness is balance, perhaps as you suggest between debits (giving) and credits (rewards). For me, the balance is reached when I live simply to simply live more in the present than in the future. When I discover an opportunity to build capacity in another or others, which turns out to expand capacity in myself. That moment is when I feel happiest. bk