Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Mckinsey award for HBR article.

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As a member of Advisory Panel Harvard Business Review, I was requested to select my choice of article for the Mckinsey award among the four nominated articles and place the four articles in the order of merit as per my perspective. I have already sent my opinion to them.

I am now sharing the articles with my friends and contacts. I have a large of number management professionals among the 2500 followers & friends on LinkedIn. I am just sharing this articles with them to know their insights on the articles and as to how they will rate them. My listing of the articles is random and does not give any indication of merit.

About the awards

The HBR McKinsey Awards, judged by an independent panel of business and academic leaders, commend outstanding articles published each year in Harvard Business Review. The awards were established in 1959 to recognize practical and ground breaking management thinking.

The opinions will of course not go the HBR.

My friends can express their opinion with reasons through comments on LinkedIn or on  this page. Your opinions will be very valuable for me. You can just write the numbers like No. 4 is first, No.1 is second etc.

Thank You and now the articles. Just click the title to read the article.

1. Managing Your Mission-Critical Knowledge

Authors Martin Ihrig and Ian MacMillan

2. Customer Data: Designing for Transparency and Trust

Authors Timothy Morey, Theodore “Theo” Forbath, and Allison Schoop


Author  Guhan Subramanian

4. Engineering Reverse Innovations

Authors  Amos Winter and Vijay Govindarajan

Please read the articles and give your opinions. Your views can be as long as you deem necessary. I will read every opinion.

Thanks and Best Wishes,