Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Gujarat Elections 2017 ... A Parody.. 20-12

Tomorrow’s Prime Time debate on Times Now channel,

Rahul Gandhi is enjoying Hyderabadi Biryani, How can he indulge in such a gross anti national activity, especially, when we have problems with China in Docklam, and Pakistan is creating daily problems in Kashmir???

How sensible is it for a man who lost elections to enjoy and savor Biryani, when all he is qualified to eat is Dal and Khichadi?

How do you view this anti national activity by Rahul Gandhi?

What is the threat perception of this act to the security and integrity of the country?
Joining us to discuss this sensitive topic is the elite panel consisting of

Mejad Puncturewala (Who had sudden awakening and now determined to work for value based politics, but refuses to reveal the value, he got for suddenly changing his thought process.)

Lt. Gen. Motti Khal Samose ( Retd. from the army of Bibito. (Pl. try to locate this country on world Map. I couldn't)

Spokesperson of two national parties. (Names not revealed, but they have the capacity to shout and be heard, even when the mikes are switched off. Their shouts sometimes create Connotations of an animal fight.

Aaya Ram Gaya Ram Bhukkad  (Present political loyalty unknown), The surprise element of the discussion.
It feels great to be apolitical and neutral. 


If you support a political thought process, you need to strain and stress to present their wrong as rights, incompetency as great attributes.

Some stock sentences, that may help you defend the political party of your choice.
If you support congress.

You have to learn to say....

BJP has only won the elections; all other things were won by congress party. Ultimately, it is a moral victory for Congress in Gujarat. That BJP has won more seats and form the government is totally irrelevant.

Seven ministers have lost the elections. 40 MLAs of BJP have lost the elections. (That BJP will still form the government is neither relevant nor important.

BJP has just won the elections, rest everything has been won by Rahul Gandhi. He is even celebrating it by going to a movie.

See, in spite of his great position, he is like a common man, go to movies, enjoys Hyderabadi Biryani in Alpha Hotel Hyderabad. Actually Rahul Gandhi is more connected to the people of India than Modi, who is better connected to the people of rest of the world than Indians.

If you are BJP thought process supporter, then stock sentences are..

Thumping victory for BJP in Gujarat (even though it just seven seat majority)
People of Gujarat have totally rejected the congress (That it got 45% vote share and 80 seats is of no relevance, so also the increase of 19 seats, and 15% vote share.)

Develop selective amnesia (forgetfulness). Forget that Amit Shah ever made the statement on 5th November that "If BJP wins 90 to 249 seats, it will not be considered as victory and BJP will not celebrate."

Despite the fact that 7 minister and 40 MLAs from previous government lost the elections, keep claiming that people of Gujarat have supported Modi's development policies.

Though BJP has won 19 seats less than last time, and vote share has gone down from 60% in 2014 to 49%, Please claim that BJP popularity is increasing every day.

Apart from this, you can come up with your own creative ideas to spread lies, and falsehood and fool the people. It is not a sin, because even gods know everything is fair in politics.

For more enlightenment in this matter, tutorials are available from experts from all political parties.

Best Wishes,


Now the link to the Financial Times article

Case of Indian Media gone nuts 

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