Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Haiti Survivor

Story of Seide,who managed to survive under the rubble, and was rescued.

Dear Shyamsunder,
As the disaster in Haiti begins to filter out of the headlines, we're just learning about the personal stories of some of the teachers and students in our school program. Our hearts are deeply impacted by the devastation they experienced and their courage during the crisis. Here is an account from one young student, Seide, after the earthquake hit.
"I was in class when I heard a great noise like a clap of thunder, and the school began to tremble violently. I ran, but the school broke down around me.  Fortunately, God protected me under a great piece of flagstone concrete. Part of it was on my back and the other on my feet, and I was in a lot of pain. I felt alone, but had faith that I was not going to die, in spite of being under the rubble. I laid between two of my friends, but they both died during the night. When I heard voices above me, I kept shouting, “Save Me!” trying to hang on through the night.
"The next day around 9:50, I was saved from the rubble. I could not walk. Someone carried me in their arms to get help. They brought me to a hospital for x-rays, and someone gave me a drink.
"Now I sleep on the ground among 2600 others, placed in make-shift tents, some made of carboard and plastic. I still cannot walk well."
Because you're an Outreach International supporter, you know long-term development is the key to helping the families in Haiti. And we will be there, on the ground, for as long as it takes to help children, like Seide, and their families rebuild and restore their lives, their schools, and their hope. We couldn't do it without you. You know it takes more than a rush of relief to create truly sustainable good for families in poverty, and we count on you to stand beside us in this effort.
Matthew C. Naylor, President
Outreach International 
Outreach International will use your donations for our relief aid and field work in Haiti. If we exceed our financial need, funds will be used where it is most 

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