Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bald Heads & Bufferstock

Bald Heads and the Buffer stock (people with enough hair on their pate)

A Pickwickean from Shyam

There has been unending debate on this subject from the time immemorial. There is strong feeling that people with bald head or receding hairline are more accomplished in their field when compared to those with buffer stock (of hair on their pate).

At least Wayne Roonie the famous Manchester United striker feels so. The balding striker attributes him recent success to his bald head. He says he has been able to score more goals because of his bald head.

Former American president George W Bush has special infatuation for the bald heads. (Don’t forget to see the pictures).

In India certain communities consider balding as an auspicious happening. Receding hairline is considered and indication of increasing wealth. They are considered inversely proportionate to each other.

Bald head is a prize possession for whoever has it; unfortunately I am not so fortunate.

My friends in India would be happy to know that there is a place called Bald Head Islands in North Carolina in United States. It is a beautiful place and a holiday resort.
Does absence of hair on the pate result in faster and increased absorption and dissipation?

There is no specific data to suggest that. However history has the examples of the Bald heads outperforming the buffer stocks. India’s first prime minister & Deputy Prime Minister, Nehru and Patel. And all the subsequent male prime ministers who completed their term were bald, including the most successful, yet most forgotten PM P V Narsimha Rao. Lone exception being of course Vajpayee.

Great Britain’s Prime Minister & Deputy Prime Minister of second world war Sir Winston Churchill, Clement Atlee were bald.

In cricket dashing openers Jayasurya & Sehwag have more in common than just bald head.

Are bald heads more aggressive in their approach than others? You would say yes if you study the above personalities and Gorbachev, Andropov and Putin. The leaders played an important role in the history of Soviet Union & Russia.

For the Americans it has been a more or less a hairy affair. At least post Kennedy, except for Lyndon Johnson & Ford. President Obama has a short crisp and elegant hair style that adds to his Demeanor. Every thing about the president is majestic including the way he carries himself. Hope he has a performance to match all those attributes.

The debate can be endless. I request my friends to come out with their ideas

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