Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Challenges for the HR

New Challenges for the HR

Now the boot is on the other leg, Post Recession, It is the organizations that are getting the boot from the Managers who have successfully withered the storm.

We have seen the nightmarish effect the recession had on not only on the professional but also personal lives of the executives. In the name of cost cutting, organizations have taken arbitrary decisions resulting in the loss of jobs and in some cases cutting of salaries, while at the same time increasing the workloads beyond all imaginable proportions.

Loss of loyalty on account of inflicted & inflected Domestic problems

Naturally this development has resulted in healthcare, mortgage, and other repayment problems, which has negatively impacted the personal lives of the executives, resulting in improper parenting, broken marriages, and in extreme cases death also. The effects of these are now felt on the employee loyalty towards the organization. However some organizations that have taken care to take the employees in to confidence regarding actual financial position and taken step for the rehabilitation of the laid of employees are not experiencing the factor.

The employee is now defining his own ROI parameters, which the organization are finding difficult to meet. HR department which is badly sandwiched between the two is facing the challenge of redesigning the talent pool with different levels of optimization.

Positive fallout of a negative development

Positive fallout of the recession is that it has thrown up a new breed of executives who have successfully come out of the recession with unimaginable levels of optimization and productivity. Now that the recession is over, the organizations are on the lookout to recruit such executives who are in heavy demand now. With loyalty no longer a factor the executives are more than happy to move to green pastures.

Now this being the situation, how can the HR prevent attrition?

How can the HR balance the new ROI expectation of the employees and capacity of the organizations?

How to design the work-nomics to deliver the desired economies?

These are the questions I would like my friends to discuss and debate.

Please feel free to express your opinion.

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