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Human Resource management, the forgotten Human aspect……..
Human Resource management is people management and the role of managing people lies on the shoulders of a Human Resource manager. People Management is a wide section that involves numerous aspects ranging from hiring to invigorating. Managing people is utmost important as it is only the employees that can make up an organization. The employee directly or indirectly influences and effectuates the organizational augmentation.
When we discuss the optimization of the man-hours, naturally we discuss the effort and output ratio. The professional approach has predetermined parameters and deliverables. Whereas when you introduce the human aspect along with the professional one the bar automatically gets raised in terms of deliverables.
What is the human aspect?
Abraham Maslow in 1943 identified the hierarchy of human needs. He presented them in the form of a pyramid with the largest and the less important at the bottom and the smaller but more important ones at the top of the pyramid. The human aspect is all about the fulfillment of these psychological needs like Self actualization, and esteem elevation.
The need for self actualization is the most important and it consists of the fulfillment of the needs in terms of creativity, morality, problem solving, and lack of prejudice and acceptance of facts. Similarly Esteem elevation consists of  self esteem, confidence, achievement, respect for others and respect by others.
How to go about it?
An HR manager also needs to be a leader. Professional competency needs to be supplemented by a personal and emotional relativity with the team members. A task master should co-exist with the leader commanding a voluntary compliance.
 Qualities that make a good leader of a professional HR Manager
 Attitudes towards goals & goal setting for the team
 It is important to take a personal and active look when setting the goals. Get into the shoes of the team members. Think analyze & understand the likely thought process of the team members the moods the attitudes, the fears, the resentments. Allow them to express & justify. Understand and agree with their justification. Bring them into totally non combative mood. Appeal to their human side.
One thing every one appreciates in a leader is honesty. One thing everyone hates in a leader is duplicity. If duplicity is a part of professional leadership, then it is better to be a personal leader than a professional one.
Explain to them how each member can help save a few jobs, or create a few jobs at the junior most level by reaching the goals. How many more can he help create by exceeding it?
Arouse the philanthropist in him and see how he suddenly becomes pro-active in goal setting process. The leader has to relate to the team directly intuitively & emphatically .the focus should clearly be on the substance of the decision including the repercussions.
 Implementation & work.
It is important to understand that every member has his own approach to goal attainment listening to them in fact increases the options for the leader. So long as they go with the organizational policy, ideas should be encouraged. The best way of making most of the opportunity is accommodating the members thinking, even if it involves a little risk. This will ensure an involvement of heart soul & body into the task.
Human values require the leader to have a sense of self, an ability to profoundly alter the human, emotional, and economic relationship, the ability to feel separate from the organization. Here the order of preference is the team member, team, and organization.
I know the management purists may not agree with me. But as I said, when nothing works, It is the human values that get you through.

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