Monday, March 1, 2010

USD 10,Billion for e-governance.How many jobs would it creaate

Govt. plans $10 Billion e-governance program

Mumbai: In an attempt to provide better services to its citizens, the Indian government plans to spend $10-billion on the National e-Governance program, according to Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Additional Secretary, S.R. Rao. "The government has committed about $10-billion to this program, of which composite of some investment is coming from private partners and also from the state governments," he said.

According to Rao, the current plan to spend $10 billion may go up as new investments come in, reports PTI. "In this current financial year, it could be to the order of Rs. 5,000-6,000-crore at the minimum but I think it would be as large as Rs. 8,000-crore," he said. In 2006, the government approved the National e-Governance Plan (NeGP) comprising of 27 Mission Mode Projects (MMPs) and eight components.

"E-Governance will be promoted as a centralized initiative, to the extent necessary, to ensure citizen service orientation, to realize the objective of inter-operability of various e-Governance applications and to ensure optimal utilization of ICT infrastructure or resources," Rao added. 

The project if implemented with sincerity would result in creation of a few thousand  jobs nationwide. sionce the hubs and nodes would also be  created in rural places, it would also provide employment to the youth in the rural areas and prevent the flow of p[eople to the urban places for employment.All this looks very rosy on the paper.

However more often than not the enthusiasm shown in announcements is not backed by the sincerity in implementation of the project resulting in huge chunks of unutilized money. Many a times good projects get stuck due to intransigence of the state government in the name of caste, religion and lcoal, non local issues.

For the sake of the unemployed youth in India, Let us hope that  the same enthusisasm is followed in the implementations  as with the announcement.


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