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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tablets will reach 25 million globally in 2011. Oh, No, I am not talking about Medicine

courtesy Computer world

iPad leads way as 'media tablet' business grows 45% in Q3 2010

First IDC report on 'media tablet' business expects devices running Google's Android and other OSs to lead to further growth in 2011

By Matt Hamblen

January 18, 2011 03:02 PM ET

Computerworld - If it wasn't already obvious, Apple's iPad has led the way to explosive growth in the so-called "media tablet" business. The device almost exclusively led the way to a strong 2010 third quarter that grew by 45% compared to the second quarter, IDC said Tuesday with the release of its first report on the new tablet computer market.
About 87.4%, or 4.2 million, of the 4.8 million media tablets shipped in the third quarter were iPads, IDC said. IDC said that 3.3 million media tablets of all kinds shipped In the second quarter of 2010.
IDC estimated that nearly 17 million media-focused tablets shipped in all of 2010, and predicts that 44.6 million will ship in 2011 and 70.8 million in 2012.
Much of the enormous growth in 2011 is expected to come from a number of media tablets based on Google's Android as well as other operating systems that will add price and feature competition to the market, IDC said.

At the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier this month, more than 80 different tablet models were introduced, including theMotorola Xoom based on Android 3.0 and the RIM BlackBerry PlayBook based on the BlackBerry Tablet OS.
IDC distinguishes the "media tablet" category from single-purpose e-readers and traditional slate or tablet PCs, which often use mainly pen-input and have been used to generate content more than to consume it. According to the researcher, media tablets include devices like the iPad and the Samsung Galaxy Tab, which runs Android.
IDC said that media tablets have color displays ranging from 5 inches to 14 inches in size, and run lightweight operations systems such as Apple iOS and Google Android. Media tablets are often based on x86 or ARM processors, while tablet PCs run full PC operating systems are are based on x86 processors, it added.
The separate e-readers market grew by 40% in the third quarter compared to the second quarter. Some 2.7 million e-readers were shipped in the third quarter, IDC said. About 75% of e-readers are sold in the U.S.
IDC estimates that 10.8 million e-readers shipped in all of 2010, and that the total will grow to 14.7 million in 2011 and 16.6 million in 2012. Added digital content from books and magazines and other periodicals, as well as color displays, will drive growth, said IDC.
Amazon's Kindle device led the e-reader market in the third quarter with 1.1 million shipped. The Amazon device held a 41.5% market share globally.
Pandigital's Novel e-reader came in second with 440,000 shipped globally for a 16% share in the third quarter. Barnes and Noble, selling only in the U.S., shipped 420,000 in the quarter, or about15.4 % of the total shipped. Sony and China-based Hanvon effectively tied with about 230,000 each, for about 8% of the market.
Barnes and Noble introduced the Nookcolor in the fourth quarter of 2010, which IDC said will help produce good results for the bookseller.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Let us take the campuses to the corporates.01-16.

Let us take the campuses to the corporates..

The process of transforming the Campus Colts to Corporate throughbred should start in all earnest. The Instituitions should act as breeding ground and provide scaffolding to facilitate the process. 

We have seen that, the boom in IT outsourcing  saw a boom in increasing number of corporates visit
the campuses in the last few years.However with the recession and the downturn refusing to take an upturn in USA and the west, the drying up of the campus programmes was the natural result.

We are noticing that the few campus programmes, that are still there, are going to the colleges with clout amongst the employers. and unfortunately most of the campus programmes are going to the colleges located in the metros or the large cities. The colleges in the rural areas are being starved of the opportunities.

Does this mean, that, only institutions located in the large cities can supply quality candidates??

For an outsider or an employer the picture more or less appears like that. However it is not true.

I have had the privilege of  conducting campus recruitment programmes in large number of colleges and some reputed University campuses in 2010.

My observations are open to dissent,disagreement & discussion  by my learned friends on social networks.

Some of the reputed University Campuses in Andhra Pradesh that I visited, and the interactions I had the privilege to have with the learned professors, gave me a strange sense of fulfillment, the one that one gets after visiting shrine or a place of worship. The calm and controlled personalities with the knowledge flowing in torrents were a revelation to me. I wondered, how, how could so much knowledge and humility co-exist in an individual and so much serenity in an institution.With such being the quality of Faculty, the quality of the Pupil could be no different.We got the quality that we wanted..

There were no surprises.

However there were surprises when we visited some of the Institutions located in the districts of Andhra Pradesh.(in all the three regions). Here of course our expectations were low in terms of quality and the quantity.

However here we were in for a shock. A pleasant one of course.

The quality of education and experience of the faculty were comparatively  less than that of elite institutions.However the sense of responsibility,ownership for delivery, and sense of belonging for the institution were great. The students there performed much better than the so called famous and much hyped institutions. Of course, they did not know much about the social media,Linkedin,Facebook, or Twitter as did their colleagues in the cities.Their English communication was comparatively poor, but the subject knowledge, they were very thorough in both written and oral.

What does this prove?

It proves that for years on, these brilliant students have been unjustifiably denied the opportunity, the opportunity they deserved no less.At the same time the corporates have been deprived of the quality inputs.

That is the reason, I say, that we turn the process around and devise a way where we could take the campuses to the corporates.

I suggest a neutral procedure for grading of the colleges in according to the student quality.The student quality assessment should be on the basis of  a procedure which could be similar to process of  ISO certification. University exam results, distinctions do not  portray  a correct image of the student quality. this is evident from the feedback received from the corporates. It is better to not discuss AICTE or its methods of recognition. The evaluation of the colleges should be done on the basis of certain fixed parameters, with sufficient leverage in accordance with  geographic, demographic, and economic conditions of the people there, and results should be assessed against the available resources. On this basis the institutions should be ranked and ranking released and made public. This ranking data should be updated every academic year. This will allow the corporates to  make a proper assessment of the quality of the institutions, and also enable the process of the best students getting jobs and corporates getting the best talents.

This is just a loud thinking, based on my limited experience,My colleagues can however suggest better alternatives. Once some neutral  foolproof system is in place.Both the institutions and the corporates will be happy to invest money to run it.

Just as RBI has CIBIL to evaluate the quality of a borrower, and just as this system is being supported by the Banks and Financial institutions,We can have on for the educational institutions.

This would be almost virtually taking the "Campuses to the Corporates."

I would be happy to have the feedback from my learned friends.

Best Wishes,


Friday, January 7, 2011

Suadi Arabia captures Isreaeli Mossad spy Vulture

The large bird, which was carrying a GPS transmitter and a tag bearing the identification code R65 from Tel Aviv University, strayed into rural Saudi Arabian territory at some point last week, according to a report in the Israeli daily Ma'ariv.

Residents and local reporters told Saudi Arabia's Al-Weeam newspaper that the matter seemed to be linked to a "Zionist plot" and swiftly alerted security services. The bird has since been placed under arrest.
The accusations went viral, according to the Israeli Ha'aretz newspaper, with hundreds of posts on Arabic-language websites and forums claiming that the "Zionists" had trained the birds for espionage.
The incident comes amid growing paranoia among Israel's neighbours over the nation's growing military might.
Several weeks ago an Egyptian official reportedly claimed that a shark that attacked tourists off the coastal resort of Sharm el Sheikh was also acting on behalf of the Israeli spy service.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 the Walk Year for India

Happy New Year

2011 Brain will "Go For A Walk" for Politicians
सन २०११ में नेताओं के  दिमाग जायेंगे हवा खाने 

In other fields it would be a great walk towards glory for India

Happy New year 2011.Double one or eleven represents walk ( Two Legs ) More sportsmen will walk towards glory.more athletes will walk towards the victory stand.Science & Technology will walk into the next orbit of excellence & creativeness.

For politicians their brain will go for a walk (view the image)

They will continue to behave irresponsibly, and walk towards their extinction.

There will be more walkouts than walk ins in the parliament.While  their personal health will improve with this walkouts, country's political health health will continue to  cause worries. Movies will continue to be creative in spasms. but still they will refuse to run,they at the best will  walk

Jokes apart,

The year does promise things extremely enthusiastic for India in terms of economic growth,advancement in Science and Technology specially IT & Software. BPO and KPO are taking a huge surge forward. Campus recruitments are back. There is a huge promise of heavy recruitments everywhere in almost sectors.

Economy will continue be a talking point in the rest of the world. raised eyebrows that we saw last year will remain raised throughout this year.

Let us hope innocent lives that were lost in meaningless wars and and acts of terrorism throughout the world will be spared this year.

Let us hope that the countries and leaders will not only talk peace, but also walk the talk.

Best of everything to everyone,