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Essential Evils of Technology (Internet,Internet of things,Artificial Intelligence) 11-05

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Essential Evils of Technology (Internet,Internet of things,Artificial Intelligence).

Delirious and Draconian

Aren't we just frog leaping without providing for the adversities???

Well, a few decades ago, if someone wanted to know the weather, he would just peep out of the window to know the weather outside his house. Now the people are so tied to their computer or the mobile, that they don't even care to peep out of the window, they just log into the weather network to know the weather outside their house.

This should not be construed as a negative article. I am myself a keen learner of technology. I contribute regularly to the research in technology projects of MIT, Mckinsey & Co, Harvard University, others, in projects related to Digital Technology, Artificial Intelligence, and Internet of Things. My blog and my Library "Knowledge Korridor" house tech articles from all the leading Institutions and Academia. 

My concern is that in our enthusiasm to create and move technology forward, we are little less serious on creating safeguards and adversity proof environment.

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Similarly the IoT clothes. They create the temperature for your body according to the weather.

There are similarly other IoT accessories like Shoes, Belts, Spectacles others which have artificial intelligence.

Sounds fine isn't it....

However just imagine if there is no internet connectivity at the right time. Your Dosa, Pancake or Roti will burn to coal though your pan will switch off at a particular temperature. The taste of your food will depend on the Connectivity, Bandwidth, and intensity.

Your accessories will make you so uncomfortable that, you will rather prefer to be foolish than be artificially intelligent.

When it comes to Data, Have we become so dependent on the technology that we trust the technology more than our own conviction???

The answer is   "Yes, We have" 

For example,

if I give right opinion and say that it is based on my conviction and experience, people may not 

believe it. But if I give a wrong a opinion and say it based on data.

It will be accepted without any questions asked.

We have reached a point in time when we wonder.

Whether it is the human, who runs the machine (read computer) or is it the machine that makes him/her run?

Are we using the internet, or is it the internet that is using us?

Are we the ones who create Data and use or is it the Data that creates work for us and impacts our living???

We already have the Internet of things that are controlled by the internet.

for example we already have a e-pan which has the artificial intelligence to switch on off on command from iPhone through internet. There are of course adjustments for different of roasting and you can even flip it remotely.You can set your level. There is a beep when your Roti, Pancake, Dosa, or Nan is cooked You can switch the pan on On or off through iPhone.

But aren't you allowing the internet to decide what the taste of the food you eat should be..

What about mother's recipe an grandmother's pickles. They will become things of past.

While the human has remained a human or even less than one, data has evolved from a stage where it was considered a heap of bits and bytes to a status of bible, and what it says are nothing less than the commandments.

Data gives an opinion based on history. It predicts people behavior or events on the assumption that under the particular conditions,or in a particular situation people behave in a particular way. It also assumes that under a stimulus of a particular intensity the reaction of the people of a classified similar. It has scant respect for the glorious uncertainties of people behavior. psephology depends too much on data the people behavior in elections and suffers the consequences thereof.

Take the case of American presidentil elections. 28 million out of 105 million voters constitute the independent uncommitted voters who shift their loyalities may replace 80% of what the doctors do. It is welcome step because it would mean 80% reduction in wrong or over diagnosis, reduction in wrong or over medication. Less number of doctors and support staff would mean lesser overheads and economical medicare for the patients.

periodically. And these are the people who determine who the president will be. Psephologists cannot read their mind or predict their behavior. No

A Johns Hopkins study found that as many as 40,500 patients die in an ICU in the U.S. each year due to misdiagnosis, rivaling the number of deaths from breast cancer. Yet another study found that 'system-related factors', e.g. poor processes, teamwork, and communication, were involved in 65% of studied diagnostic error cases. 'Cognitive factors' were involved in 75%, with 'premature closure' (sticking with the initial diagnosis and ignoring reasonable alternatives) as the most common cause. These types of diagnostic errors also add to rising healthcare expenditures, costing $300,000 per malpractice claim. 

Healthcare should become more about data-driven deduction and less about trial-and-error. That's hard to pull off without technology, because of the increasing amount of data and research available. Next-generation medicine will utilize more complex models of physiology, and more sensor data than a human MD could comprehend, to suggest personalized diagnosis.

Did Brahmam garu write any thing about this revolution???

( Brahamam is a 19th century sage born in Andhra Pradesh India Whose predictions about Indira Gandhi, NTR, and MGR  have come true.) 

Or Did Nostradamus predict any such technology  turbulence ???

Just crazy thoughts from crazy mind....

Your opinions and  insights welcome.

Best wishes,


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