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You can Ace a job Interview in India with a Balanced Quotient Factor. Yes definitely you can….. 05-19

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You can Ace a job Interview in India with a Balanced Quotient Factor. Yes definitely you can…..

How good it coud be, if you could also do a interweave  of quotients while doing an interview.

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There is a huge content on this subject by way of books and articles and through training sessions.
Most of the content is heavily generalized, remaining other content is heavily customized for American and European scenarios. And most importantly these deal mostly about physical attributes, verbal communication, Gait, and vocabulary. I would like to start from where these contents end, because all these and more are already taught at the institutions or by the expert trainers (they do a good job of it.) My effort is make the process more customized to the institutions and student understanding and maturity levels. My efforts are to facilitate students’ evolution to a level, that can generate situation specific responses with comfort. The effort is to raise the student thought process a few notches higher and help them to master quotients required to crack the job interview.

India is an altogether different planet as far as the interview process and requirements go. Based on my more than 45 years of experience of facing and conducting interviews in different parts of the country, my writing experience and the interactions, I had with the eminent members of the ‘C’ Suite, I am in the process of preparing a dossier on the requirements, pre-requisites, and the expectations of the organizations from the candidates.

Interviews in India. are a totally different ball game. Technical competency (though important) is just one part of the interview which is taken care by the faculty in the institution. However, one thing less understood is the fact that, a candidate who meets all other criteria but is a bit weak in academics will be preferred to a candidate who is academically brilliant but lacks in other criteria. Quotients form an important part of the evaluation process for interviews.

This is also reflected in the admission policy of the leading B-schools word over. It is a very common occurrence in these institutions where academically strong candidates find themselves left out in preference to the candidates who show a stronger ‘Statement of Purpose’, who in the opinion of the panel will demonstrate greater adaptability to situations and cross culture environments when they graduate and join an organization or start one. This is also true for Campus Recruitment Interviews.

Interviews in India are all about the Quotients. The Emotion Quotient, The Culture Quotient, The Forbearance and the Tolerance Quotient, The Comprehension and the Metacognition Quotient, and so many others. The quantum requirement for each Quotient defers with organization culture and nature but all are important everywhere. The HR domain has evolved over the years and keeps evolving at a rapid speed. The requirement does end with the student’s ability to perform the job. They also look to a situation a few years down the line when these people have to shoulder higher responsibilities, and look to a candidate’s ability to work in adverse and crunch situations.

The candidates too need to evolve in their mindset, thought process while preparing for the interview. Usually the standards of the students in an institution are more or less uniform, but when the institution has to compete with other institutions in the town or city or across the cities in the state, the better institutions take away the cake.

I am worried about the institutions located in smaller towns. They are Islands in themselves, totally cut off from the mainstream of business environment and requirements. I have experienced this situation, when I visited these institutions for conducting campus interviews for institutions.

I know there are many institutions which are facing this situation of organizations conducting campus interviews and not selecting their candidates. There are many individuals and organizations which promise to prepare the students for interviews. They are all theoretical in approach and follow standard procedures. They are certainly not converse with the aspects of behavioral sciences and cognition. When it comes to Quotients, theatrical, not theoretical approach is needed. A theater needs to be created where the students learn by play acting the roles and by observing others doing it.  It is all together a different arena of learning

I can be help those institutions that are in a situation where they are getting the organizations are conducting campus interviews, but the students are not getting through. I can visit the campus and evaluate the students and design a customized training programme to prepare the students for the campus recruitment programmes.  If the institutions have the capacity and will to bear the financial cost of my programme. I can come and evaluate the student caliber and design a customized programme. In case, they can afford the cost, we can go ahead with the programme or else the institution can pay me the cost of the evaluation programme.

The coaching will broadly consist of

1.      Coaching a group of faculty in various Quotients and their applications so that they can in turn coach the students during the time of interview.

2.      Few direct sessions with students.

3.      A few sessions of faculty with students under my supervision.
The duration of the programme is very flexible and will differ from institution.

The duration of the programme can be decided by mutual discussions as per the student requirements. This programme is specifically for the institutions and will not be published by anywhere on any media. All the students undergoing training will receive a completion certificate from me.

 I am prepared to travel anywhere in India for this programme.  Institutions are welcome to contact me at

 However, I cannot get Campus Recruitment Programmes for the institutions. Presently, I have no contact with the organizations nor I have time to contact them.  Training and placement officers are requested to not commit any thing more than what is written in this article to you management, Directors, Chairman, Owners.

Please contact me by email in case of doubt.

 Best Wishes,

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