Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Do we need to re-classify humans into humans, politicians and humanoids. 01-03

New year musings....

We are  made of stardust (according to Astrophysicist) ..........
.........................................................And unto dust completes our story.

The in between journey consists of  Hyper Excellence, Extraordinary Creativity, Innovativeness, Mindfulness, Kindness, Human Values, and an equally huge cache of negative values.

About Politiko sapiens

We the humans (Homo sapiens) have evolved from the Apes (Panina). But the Evolution did not stop there. A part of human race further evolved and developed deceit, deception, dishonesty. This evolved genus  called politicians can be classified as Politiko sapiens.

These creatures are like human beings in Morphological, Anatomical, and Physiological structure, but these creatures have imbibed the properties of pest and parasites. They attack the human society and destroy its values and ethos.

Their brain inner structure and  neurological functions are different and more evolved towards negative attributes. They have an hyperactive amygdala, which is responsible for emotions, survival instincts, that drive them away from Ethics, Etiquettes, and Human values.  They often suffer from  bouts of Amygdala hijack , which causes fear in them of losing  political power.This results in very strange and irrational behavior. Although, even at the best of times also, the behavior of this species is less than rational.

About Humanoids

In 20th & 21st century human beings have become creatures themselves and created the mechanical genus Humanoid (Robot). The Humanoid sapiens perform the human tasks  faster and more efficiently. However this genus is devoid of Nutrition Growth and Reproductive functions.

And how about the humanoids (robots). We heard that a humanoid in a female attire addressed the audience at IIT Bombay, and answered questions.... 

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