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The cook is the murderer concept 03-24

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This is the story of a time, almost a century ago, when it was a tradition to display aristocracy in the form of  the vehicles the people used, the ornamental attire the rich and the distinguished wore, and the ornaments that adorned the 'Rich and Famous' and the 'Movers and Shakers' of the town. Theatre was one of the places where this occurred most. 

To cater to the vanity of these people and to fleece them monetarily, a new category of people emerged. They were called "The Ushers". These people used to 'wait on' the rich people and do things for them, right from getting them tickets to guiding them to their seats, were some of the things these people (ushers) used to do.

Theatres in many countries could not aford have enough staff,  hence they allowed the ushers to work freelance in the theatres.

People after buying their tickets used to be helped by the ushers to find their seats.  These were freelance people, were not paid by the theatre management. They used to guide the customer, show them the way, and helped them to get to their seats. They used to be paid tips by the customers. It was not easy to ward off these people, they were very sticky, they would divert your attention from the movie and disturb your concentration, they would not leave you till they extracted a tip from you.

They were also helpful to the people who needed help, at the slight nudge, they would give you the synopsis of the movie. They would tell you the important scenes which needed careful watching and ones you could sleep through; they would also acquaint you with the exact time the movie would reach the climax, in fact, they would do everything to help you understand the movie better, but everything for a cost. They did succeed in making a respectable living from this profession.

What is the “Cook is the murderer concept”.

There was a suspense movie playing ins a theatre in a county in UK. A customer purchased the ticket, and was moving in, as usual, he was almost confronted by an usher. He tried to ward him off saying, he knew the place well and did not need help.

Usher: Sir, but the theatre has undergone revamp and the seating has been reorganized.

Customer: I know, I know, I have come here after the revamp.

Usher : But sir, you don’t know where the 'hallowed'  class is.

Customer : Don’t worry, I can make my way.

Usher : But sir….

By this time, the customer had reached his seat, he settled in his seat and said. “See, I know everything, I don’t need your help”.

The usher was angry and exasperated. He realised that he had wasted a lot of time with wrong customer. But still, he regained his composure, and said.

“Sir, there is still something, that I know, that you don’t”

The customer was curious and asked, “What is it??”

The usher coolly replied, “Sir, the cook is the murderer in this movie.”

With the suspense being destroyed, the customer angrily stomped out of the theatre. He complained to the local authorities about the menace of the ushers. Nothing could be done against them, instead the incident became famous.

After that, customers generally avoided the “cook is the murderer”situation. They quietly paid the tip to the ushers.

So, fleecing the customer, at the theatres is a practice that  has been there for more than century, and people have learned to live with it.

Please don't reveal this concept to anyone, let them visit this page and find out the same for themselves.

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