Friday, April 20, 2018

On Women, PM Modi Served an Uncomfortable Message By IMF Boss 04-20

On Wmen, PM Modi Served an Uncomfortable Message By IMF Boss......

I think, the prime minister will have to learn to live with this kind of admonishing (direct & indirect) for some time to come).  

The world is justifiably outraged at the rapes of the minor girls happening so frequently in India. 

But more than, is the fact  that, the perpetrators  who belong to the BJP are not only getting protection from the BJP and BJP partnered governments, they are being celebrated by the people and supporters of the party with rallies using the national flag and shouting slogans like "Bharat Mata ki Jai" (Glory to the great Mother India).  

Their despicable act is being projected as a patriotic act.

No action is being taken by the party on the accused party members, no one has even been suspended by the party.

To top it all, the most sickening aspect of the whole episode is the whataboutery being indulged by the senior ministers of the Modi cabinet and the party spokesperson. Comparing this with the similar crimes in other state doesn't make this less heinous. And indirectly, you are telling the  world that the Indian prime minister is much more incompetent than you think, because there are such crimes in all the states of the country, which are equally or even more grievous than these.   

Plus, wherever such incidents happen, ultimate failure is that of the central government. Government is expected to be the ultimate controller and preventer of such crimes. It is expected to pass on required directives from time to time.

Like the naxal problem, which is coordinated by the central home ministry with various states, ministry of child and women welfare can coordinate the measure taken to protect the women by various governments and incentivise this action by rewarding and recognising the states implementing the policies for women protection, and in states with least rates of crime against women.

The entire thing needs to be taken out from a political perspective and linked to a human perspective. People should reject and condemn all caste and religion based comments on such crimes. 

A woman is gender, and hence, all narratives should be gender based. Reference to cast and religion tend to dilute the focus on this burning problem of the day. 

Concern at the international Fora a has started and this could add  multiply or even spread contagiously to other  larger international groups, which would be a very sad development for India internationally. 

When the Indian prime minister is ridiculed, the country automatically gets ridiculed. Damage control at the international level is long and arduous process, and definitively an avoidable activity. 

"Less of government and more of governance" was what Modi said when describing his governments priorities and working pattern.

What we have today is, 

Mess of government, and absolute mess of governance

A government whose priority is surviving from election to election and winning elections no matter what, is hardly expected to give great governance, and that is what is happening with the present government.

Political narratives all around are becoming hugely caste and religion based. The religious based narratives started by the Modi government are having boomerang effect in humongous proportions.

The moral abyss into which Indian politics has fallen is simply unfathomable. Those most responsible: Hindu extremists who value ideology over basic human decency, I ask of you, aren't there Asifa's in your family, if god forbid, if one them becomes a victim of a sadistic individual or group's lust, would you still talk of the ideology???? 

 Where is humanity?

where is humanism??

and where are the human values ???.

Don't these have any value in your scheme of things??? 

Humanism, Humanity and the Human Values are the tents on which the great Hindu religion is built.

Morally, you don't belong to the religion, you claim to protect.

In total emotional integration with every girl and women on this planet......


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